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Blush for Eyeshadow? Video!

June 15, 2015 , , DOLLFACEDREDIE

After trying several product lines of blushes, with failed “chalky cheek” looking attempts and “clown red” disasters, I finally hit a hole in one. I mean, some may argue that $26-40.00 for a single blush is utterly ridiculous. My thoughts? If it will last you upward a year and it looks fabulous? It’s absolutely worth it!
Then I thought to myself, cosmetics are seemingly simple yet difficult to comprehend at the same time. Sure they are labeled for their intended purposes ie. Blush for cheeks, eyeliner for eyes and lipstick for lips but, does that mean they can’t serve an alternative purpose?
We’ve seen many Instagram fab videos floating around our explore pages with lipsticks (essentially grease paint) being used as color correctors under the eyes (I wouldn’t suggest this), and even eyeliner pencils being used for brows.
What about blush pans? I realized just how much I loved a warm orange brown or even mauve color as my transition shade for my eyeshadow looks, and always struggled to find the exact color I wanted. So, I tried doubling up on some of my blush pans. I mean why not? After all, it was just an oversized eyeshadow pan that sometimes revealed a greater color pay-off than its eyeshadow counterpart. I know right? Brilliant. You’re welcome! Watch below as I work with some of my favorite blushes 

Blush colors used in this video:

  • Raizin – Mac Cosmetics
    Rhubarb – Mac Cosmetics
    Devil – Mac Cosmetics
    Salsa Rose – Mac Cosmetics

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