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December 15, 2016 , , DOLLFACEDREDIE

Chorus Supernatural is a Canadian based luxurious line of natural skin-care, body-care & wellness. Their products feature natural ingredients found in British Columbia. They are committed to being 100% naturally sourced, without synthetic fillers. We’re always looking for gentle skincare, that will prove results but also be generous to our health. Chorus Supernatural got in touch with us and customized a skincare regiment for oily skin. Here’s how the system works:

  • Step 1: Use the gentle non-foaming cleanser “CLEANSE”, rubbing into face in neck. We used this product with our Luna Mini from Foreo, and loved the results. We noticed reduced texture and seemingly smaller pores using this product twice a day, with a gently textured motorized mechanism. For those with extremely sensitive skin, you may opt to skip using a motorized cleanser (such as the Clarisonic or Foreo) and use your old fashioned hands. Nothing wrong with that! Packaging contains a large tube, with a twist off cap & you squeeze the tube. This might present to be a nuisance once we get down to the last bit of the product, but for now we’re enjoying it. You may find that you tend to dispense more of this product in comparison to other cleansers, as it is non-foaming. Don’t be alarmed; it cleanses the skin just as well!
  • Step 2: Use the light-smelling serum “BRIGHTEN”, rubbing into dry face & neck. Long term results of the serum will preserve skin’s elasticity & melanin, keeping the skin youthful. You should also notice hyper pigmented areas & dark spots start to fade. Continuous use of this product should prove subtle but great results. I love how my skin’s texture has softened and complexion brightened. My dull winter complexion suddenly has a natural glow! I also love the delicate fragrance and the packaging of this product as it contains a pump. A full pump of this stuff literally dispenses too much product – trust me. It’ll last you a long time. Aim for a half-size pump and that’ll do the trick!
  • Step 3: Rub moisturizer “CLARIFY” into face & neck. You’ll notice this product has a very slight tackiness to it, giving this product a more solid texture. It leaves the skin semi-matte; perfect for oily skin chicks & gents who have difficulty balancing complexities of the skin’s sebum. With dry & severe cold Canadian winters, you may need to opt for an additional moisturizer in certain areas of the face. Again, packaging is phenomenal & features a pump mechanism, easy for dispensing product. 1 pump will be sufficient!

Overall, we’re totally impressed by Chorus Supernatural‘s products and the vision behind the brand. Now here’s some kick-ass skin-care, gentle enough for us & our clients!

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