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Gabrielle Union’s New Hair Care – Going Natural!

February 6, 2017 , , DOLLFACEDREDIE

Image: Getty Images/ Robert Kamau

It’s no secret that Gabrielle Union sports one of the most fabulous clean-cut shoulder-length hairstyles in Black Hollywood and has spent years chemically treating her hair to get the look. She finally decided to go natural and is creating a hair care line; “Flawless” by Gabrielle Union – keeping girls with textured hair in mind, Aimee Simeon reported on Popsugar.com
The full range line will feature shampoo, conditioner, shine spray and even edge control. The line is set to launch in March, 2017.
Forbes also reported the line can be found on Flawlesshair.com as of March 1st, and prices range from $19 – $29. If the products truly address the needs of course-curly hair goldy-locks and remain within this price range, we predict it will be a hit!

Image: Flawlesshair.com

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