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TOP 5 Bridal Makeup Inspo for WOC – 2017

February 23, 2017 , , DOLLFACEDREDIE

Women of color have always had to pay particular attention when choosing cosmetics. Mainly, the vast majority of cosmetic companies do not cater to women of color. We will say however, that the game is changing. As seen with Anastasia Beverly Hill’s extension of their stick foundations and the stupendous campaign directed by none other than one of our favorites, Pro MUA, KingMaliMagic.

Having said that, brides are always picking famous photos from Insta & Pinterest alike to select their reference images. Across our black brides, we’ve certainly seen some of these photos a FEW times over. Let’s see what’s on the list for the 2017 wedding season.

The Elegant Bride

Can we just talk about silky, clean, smooth skin and a maroon lip? The richest chocolate skin can pull off a lip as dark as “Sin” by Mac. If coordinated well with one’s skin tone, this will look semi-glam and rich rather than striking and “vampy”. Pair it with a matte two to three-tone neutral soft-blended cut-crease eye. Notice how simple lighting can change coloring of one’s eye shadow in the two pictures below.

Makeup Artist: Nicky Gerome

The Insta-Inspo Bride

Notice how using the same tone lipstick in a matte finish on fairer skin yield’s different results. We’re noticing a “vampy” trend for the evening reception look, rather than the daytime wedding. Paired with an even sharper neutral-tone matte cut-crease eye, this look is for the ultimate “glam” bride.

Makeup Artist: MsRoshPosh

The Smoked-Chocolate Bride

This bride is confident wearing metallics and likes a little smoke.  She’s alright with a bit of intensity, but opts for hues of brown rather than shades of gray or black. She’s effortless with her long lashes and wants to top it off with a neutral pink or peach glossy lip finish. These image come along as inspiration with almost every black bride we book, but in the end it is NOT always the selected look. That’s why a consultation is ever so important; so we can truly decide which look suits you best!

Makeup Artist: Kevin Wade / Renny Vasquez

The Black Smoke-Effect Bride

This bride is bold in every way, but enjoys the elegance of a soft blend. She opts for shades of gray topped with a warm-brown transition shade and black all over the lid for her smoky eye, then pairs it with a nude glossy lip finish. Brows are emphasized underneath with a soft highlight and cheeks are slightly “chizzled”. Even though this is not your traditional bridal look, we’re seeing more requests similar to this for the evening reception and ohhh my gaawd!  KingMaliMagic is not just a talented Makeup Artist, she is a gawjus model!!! Peep it!

Makeup Artist: KingMaliMagic

The Simple Yet Not So Simple Bride

This bride wants a well blended natural look. She often thinks it’s a very simple look and fails to understand the level of complexity required to execute such an effortless/immaculate finish. She may try to bargain with your rates, with remarks like “I only want gloss” or “I don’t want heavy makeup; just very light coverage”. It’s our job to work with each individual’s skin concerns while bringing their inspiration to life. Help her understand that this look may take just as long to execute as our insta-famous makeup, and it will photograph like a dream!

Makeup Artist: KingMaliMagic / Renny Vasquez

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